Celebrity hairstylist and Euphoria season two hair department head Kim Kimble catches up with Screengrabs following the success of the second season

She is a mega-talented celebrity hairstylist who created some of the most iconic superstar looks for Beyoncé, Zendaya, Mary J. Blige and more, as well as a film and television hair designer and businesswoman. You’ve seen her latest work as hair department head for season two of Euphoria, the defining must-see series of Gen-Z. Kimble spoke to us about her haircare line at Walmart, Beyoncé’s Coachella look and the inspiration behind the Euphoria character’s locks. We hung on her every word.

The Euphoria season two hair department. Image courtesy of Kim Kimble.

Maya Orbach: Can you pinpoint a specific moment where your passion for hairstyling began and if so, when was it and how did it come about?
MO: As a businesswoman and entrepreneur, what was the process of launching your product range like and what kind of research and experimentation did you conduct to come to the end result?
MO: How did it feel to see your products at Walmart? 
MO: You’ve worked with so many incredible celebrities and each time the hairstyles are amazing. Do you have a favorite celebrity hairstyle that you’ve done?
MO: You’ve worked with Beyoncé on numerous projects such as the Crazy in Love music video, visual albums Lemonade and Black is King, Coachella and more. Where did you draw inspiration for Beyoncé’s looks and what was your vision for each album and Coachella?
MO: What was the experience like of creating Academy Award winner Ariana DeBose’s hair for the Met Gala?
MO: Now moving on to TV. How did you come up with the hairstyles for each character in season two of Euphoria?
MO: What has been your vision for season two as Euphoria hair department head for the main characters of the show? Such as Maddy, Rue…
MO: What are the type of conversations that occur between the different visual departments to create a cohesive visual look for each character on Euphoria?
MO: The Euphoria looks have gone absolutely viral, especially on social media channels like Tik Tok and Instagram. Have you seen the hairstyle recreations and what do you think of Gen-Z experimenting with different designs?