thank you

I’d like to thank my course leader and tutors, Philip Clarke, James Anderson and Clare Coulson for their constant guidance, advice and words of encouragement when needed. Thank you Cath Caldwell, Frederik Burlage and Steven Hill for your extremely helpful sessions and assistance.

A special thank you to the talented individuals we had the honour of speaking to and interviewing for Screengrabs: Kim Kimble, Ayami Nishimura, Naomi Parry, Fiorella Pomarino, Bahar Ergul, Lauren Miller, Sophie Canale, Matthew Mungle, Siobhán Harper-Ryan, Natalie Bronfman, Jany Temime. This would not have been possible without your cooperation and willingness. To Raegan Rubin, thank you for your amazing work and for being part of this small team, you are extremely talented.

Elias Nugent Harewood (easyundefined), your wonderful illustrations are the perfect visuals for Screengrabs, thank you so much! Charles, thank you for designing and building a truly stunning website. Thank you, Marketa Uhlirova, for your enthusiasm and conversation. Thank you to my family and friends who supported me as I embarked on this project. Last but certainly not least, thank you to the readers who are joining this platform, we hope you enjoy.

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