“We Create a Character, Not Only a Costume”

Iconic costume designer Jany Temime talks about Hermione’s yule ball dress, adapting designs for stunts in James Bond and what many may not know about her dynamic profession

Potterheads, Marvel fans and James Bond enthusiasts unite: Screengrabs has the honour of sharing a recent rapid-fire Q&A with costume designer Jany Temime. Responsible for the character looks we know and love starting from the third film of the Harry Potter franchise to its final chapter, Black Widow, James Bond’s Skyfall, the award-winning Judy and many more feature films enjoyed by millions worldwide.

James Bond’s suit in Skyfall. Costume design by Jany Temime. Illustration by Elias Nugent Harewood (easyundefined).

Maya Orbach: You've worked on incredible films that not only changed the cinema visually but were popular globally such as the Harry Potter franchise, James Bond and the Marvel world. How did you approach working on projects with such large fanbases and an added pressure and expectation?
MO: What kind of visual material and research did you look at for the film Judy?
MO: How did you incorporate the Harry Potter books and your own ideas when designing the costumes for the characters?
MO: Could you tell us what your vision was for Hermione’s yule ball look and the decisions behind it?
MO: How did you then reflect the darker tone and internal changes of the Harry Potter films within the costume design toward the ending of the franchise?
MO: For Black Widow and the Bond films such as Skyfall, how did you consider the physicality and stunts of the characters when designing the costumes? Did you use flexible fabrics or special techniques?
MO: What does it mean to be a costume designer for you? What is an aspect that people may not know about this profession?
MO:. Do you prefer a specific genre of film or a time period to work within?
MO: Speaking of challenges, did you have one that you overcame in your career that was specifically challenging in terms of the costume design or a project?
MO: Final question, what are you looking forward to most in your career?